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Cultured Pearl

Cultured Pearl

Pearls are known as an 'organic' gem material as they are produced by mother nature via mollusks, more comonly known as Oysters. In nature a grain of sand may find its way into the 'flesh' of an oyster. The oyster reacts to this 'irritation' by secreting a residue which builds a layer around the grain of sand. This layer is made up primarly of calcium carbonate and is called 'nacre' or 'morther of pearl'. In 'cultured' Pearls, man helps the process along by manually adding an 'irritant' often a very small piece of oyster shell, into a living oyster. The natural process then takes over to form a Pearl layer around the 'irritant'. Cultured Pearls are either raised in salt water or freshwater 'farms'.

The main difference between saltwater and freshwater cultured Pearls is that saltwater Pearls tend to have a more brilliant luster compared to freshwater Pearls. This being said, freshwater cultured Pearls tend to have a thicker 'layer' of 'mother of pearl', and are therefore harder wearing than comparable saltwater cultured Pearls.



Important locations from which freshwater cultured Pearls are sourced include Scotland and China. Blossomjewels usually sources its freshwater cultured Pearls from China. 

Pearls are very soft on the Mohs’ rating in the range of 2.5 to 4.5/10, this being said they are very dense - Blossomjewels features Pearls in pieces designed for special occassions. 


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