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Sky Blue Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz Gemstone

Valued since ancient times, Topaz is most commonly found with a Yellow color. This being said Topaz comes in a wide variety of colors. Whilst colorless Topaz is also found in nature it is also frequently the result of trade accepted treatments including heating and irradiation. Irradiation in particular is used to produce vivid hues of Blue giving cause to each of the three major colors of Blue Topaz, namely London Blue, Swiss Blue and Sky Blue Topaz. It is important to note that this treatment is perfectly safe and stones have no residual radiation. 

Sky, Swiss and London Blue Topaz are the birthstone for the month of December, and depending upon its color, can be used as a wedding anniversary stone to celebrate 4 or 23 years of marriage.

Topaz is the Zodiac stone for Sagittarius and it is thought to convey the mythical trait of ‘prosperity’.



Important locations from which Topaz is sourced include Brazil, Germany, Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar, China, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, the USA and Sri Lanka to name a few. Blossomjewels typically sources its Topaz from Sri Lanka or Madagascar.

Topaz is reasonably hard with a Mohs’ hardness rating of 8/10, so it is well suited for everyday wear.


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