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Originating from perhaps the most famous of the precious gem families, Ruby is part of the Corundum species – another member of which is the famous Sapphire gem material. ‘Sapphire’ is the simple greek translation of ‘blue’, however, to be clear any color of Corundum, other than red (which is labeled Ruby) is called a ‘Sapphire’. In the case of Ruby its’ name comes from the latin ‘ruber’, simply meaning red.

It has been valued and coveted down through the ages for its use as an expression of love and fire of passion.

Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, and can be used as a wedding anniversary stone to celebrate 15 and 40 years of marriage.

Ruby has been used as the Zodiac stone for Cancer, and is thought to convey the mythical trait of ‘Harmony’.

The red color in Ruby comes from the presence of chromium in its chemical composition.



It is important to note that natural Ruby is frequently subjected to various enhancement treatments, particularly heating and glass filling to produce vivid red colors and hide cracks and other inclusions. Ruby is also one of the commonly synthesized gem materials. Synthetic materials are produced at a fraction of the cost per carat compared to prices of natural Ruby gem material. These price differences are not always passed on to unsuspecting consumers.

Important locations from which Blue Sapphire is sourced include Thailand, Myanmar, Sri lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, Australia, India, the USA, Brazil, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Blossomjewels typically sources its Blue sapphire from Thailand, Vietnam, Madagascar and Sri lanka. Rubies from Myanmar in particular are highly coveted, especially in the Chinese market. The variety known as ‘pigeons blood’ distinguished both by color and its location of mining, can command massive price premiums versus Ruby from other locations other than Myanmar and more recently Mozambique.

As per the other members of the Corundum species, Ruby is very hard with a Mohs’ rating of 9/10. This is one reason that Corundum not of gem quality is often processed for use in gem cutting and polishing materials for use with gem materials other than diamond (which has a Mohs’ hardness rating of 10).

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