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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

A popular gem material, dating back to ancient times. Lapis was favoured by the Romans, Persians, and Egyptians for use in their royal ornamental treasures. Being opaque, its attractiveness comes from its waxy lustre with its stark Blue tones, often punctuated by golden sparkles owing to the presence of Iron pyrite. In the case of Lapis Lazuli, the name is latin in origin, being a combination of the word for ‘stone’, and 'azula', which comes from Arabic and means Blue.

The value of Lapis varies widely, with the most valuable pieces found to have deep Blue color, almost navy, with little presence of golden pyrite sparkles. Man made versions of Lapis are common, examples include Gilson stone and dyed natural materials such as Chalcedony.  

Lapis Lazuli is used as the Zodiac stone for Libra (along with Peridot). It is often associated with traits of ‘friendship and truth’.



Important locations from which Lapis Lazuli is sourced include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Chile, Myanmar and Mongolia. Blossomjewels typically sources its Lapis Lazuli from parts of Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Lapis Lazuli is reasonably soft with a Mohs’ hardness rating of between 5 to 6/10, so it is best suited in earrings, pendants or pieces for special occasions.


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