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Kunzite Gemstone - Pink Gemstone

Kunzite can be found in Pink to Lilac colors and is part of the Spodumene family. Kunzite is a relatively ‘young’ gem material in terms of awareness. It was first discovered in California in 1902 by George Kunz.

It is highly valued for its Pink hues which can also hint at Violet at times. If you examine a Kunzite carefully you may see slight color changes depending upon the angle due to a phenomenon known as ‘pleochroism’. This means you may see the stone as being Pink, Violet or even colorless – all depending upon the angle from which you view the stone.



The Pink in Kunzite comes from the presence of Manganese in its chemical composition.

Important locations from which Kunzite is sourced include Brazil, USA, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, western Australia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Blossomjewels typically sources its Kunzite from Brazil or central Asia.

Kunzite is a little delicate given its Mohs’ hardness rating in the range of 6.5 to 7/10, so it is best suited in pieces for special occasions.


Kunzite Rings | Kunzite Engagement Rings

Pink Kunzite with White Sapphire Trillion Ring in 14K Rose Gold - Asymmetrical Cocktail Ring


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