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Design Competition

Welcome to information on our ‘Design Competition’. Here at Blossom we are totally committed to having fun and experimenting with color and new designs.

So we encourage anyone with original designs to enter our 'Design Competition' which is running all year round. You don't have to be certified, or be employed as a designer already, you just have to have a passion for designing wonderful fun jewelry.




  • Register with Blossomjewels,
  • Read and confirm you understand the current 'Design Competition brief',
  • You can enter a single Design Competition with upto a maximum of 3 entries, you can enter as many Design Competition's as you like.
  • Each competition runs 12 weeks, after which we launch a new Design Competition brief.
  • All entries will be judged by a panel of judges from Blossomjewels. Their decision is final and will be based upon:
    1. innovation and originality
    2. successful incorporation of materials
    3. every day wearability

What if I win?
  • Congratulations you become one of Blossom's Designers! We commission you to design a limited collection of rings/earrings/necklace and bangles and then Blossom craft your limited collection!
  • We will directly contact you and we'll get some more details to enter into a more formal agreement to ensure you are rewarded for your designs.
  • You then get a commission on every sale from your collection, you will appear on our blog and share what's happening in your world of 'Blossom' design.

What if I don't win?
  • Try again, please!
  • If you aren't successful your submissions remain owned by you.

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