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Citrine Gemstone - November Birthstone - Gemini Gemstone

A highly popular type of Quartz, valued particularly for its’ strong Lemon Yellow to Orange colors. It is often found as large crystals and or in geodes. Typically the deepest color is from the end/tips of crystals.

A point worth noting is that most Citrines are heated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. Naturally occurring Citrine is most often pale Yellow in color.

Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November, and can be used as a wedding anniversary stone to celebrate 13 years of marriage.

Citrine is the Zodiac stone for Gemini and is thought to convey the mythical trait of ‘awareness’.



The Yellow in Citrine comes from the presence of Iron in its chemical composition.

Important locations from which Citrine is sourced include Brazil, parts of Africa, Madagascar and Myanmar to name a few. Blossomjewels typically sources its Citrine from parts of Africa or Madagascar.

Citrine is reasonably hard with a Mohs’ hardness rating of 7/10, so it is well suited for everyday wear.

Oval Pendant with Yellow Orange Citrine and White Zircon in Sterling Silver


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