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Blossomjewels Basic Cleaning Tips




Try and keep your jewelry in the bag or jewelry box that it originally came from. It is also a great idea to put your jewelry in a "jewelry box," if you have one. Storing your jewelry, upon soft material is the best way to protect the gemstones. Tossing it onto the nightstand at the end of the day is probably not going help keep your gemstones from getting scratched or grazed.




Using this gentle cleaning method is a good choice for most gemstones and jewelry.

It is not true that all gemstones can be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap at home. This cleaning method is safe for most gemstones, but is not recommended for all.

Pearls, Turquoise, Treated Gems, and Pourous Gemstones cannot be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap at home. It is best to keep them away from any type of chemicals.




Every gem material has different levels of "hardness." This means if it rubs against a piece of metal or jewelry it is most likely going to get scratched.

It is not a good idea to get your jewelry ultrasonic cleaned at a jewelry shop. Some gem materials such as Emeralds can quite brittle, may have also have hidden cracks and you might find the gemstone breaks as a result of the vibrations the sonic cleaning uses. Using any type of solvents or acids of any kind on jewelry, can ruin the jewelry permanently. No harsh chemicals of any kind should be used on your jewelry.




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