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Behind the Scenes: A Post From Designer Rosvina

January 28, 2016 | Jewellery


We are so excited to share this post from Rosvina, the creative mind behind the colourful and joyful Ombre Fireworks Collection. She also has a new collection coming fresh for spring! We can't wait to show you that collection very soon; but, for now, here is more about Rosvina:

2015 Year of Challenge

Firework_collection_1 The purple and the blue ombre firework rings showcasing their colours with the purple pendant of the collection.

I’m so happy to post on the Blossom blog today. 2015 was a big year for me. It was the year when I finally decided to move back to my hometown in Indonesia, and put 100% of myself into what I love the most, jewellery design. I had hesitated for several years, but dreams don’t come true unless you make them happen, right?

It was a risky move to leave my then-current full-time job in Singapore, but all the risks were worth it. Right now, I am surrounded by the people that I love and doing what I love. In late 2015, I was contacted by Blossomjewels and we began some designs together. I was delighted to be asked to join as a resident jewellery designer.


The Ombre Firework collection and how they scare the evil spirits


Sketch A very expressive sketch of the Fireworks ring

My first design for Blossomjewels was the ‘Ombre Fireworks’ series. When I think of special occasion or celebrations it reminds me of fireworks. It is also part of Chinese culture: ancient Chinese believe to make loud noises at festivals and religious ceremonies serves to scare away evil spirits). Fireworks never fail to catch my attention because of the loud noises and the beauty of the illuminating vivid colours.

What is an ombre effect?

The purple Ombre effect Firework Ring.The purple Ombre effect Firework Ring.



 I decided to use 2 main colour tones for the collection, which are blue tone, and red tone, both we often see in fireworks. I wanted to create colourful, but not overwhelming, pieces. I thought to use ombre colour effects. Ombre effect is coming from a French word, and it's the way to display colour by intensity of colour flow from the darkest to the lightest colour shades along the pieces.



Last thoughts about my design

My aim was to create jewellery that can fit every occasion: the whole set for a special occasion or a single piece alone to match with your daily outfit.

My biggest challenge for this particular design was the comfortability and durability of the pieces. Firework collection is showcasing quite a number of small size gemstones, so we have to make sure that every gem is set very securely for daily wear.

Once I saw the final piece of the jewellery, I was really delighted with the result and the ring has never left my finger! I am very impressed with the stone setting skills shown by the craftsman' it really reassured me that the pieces would be durable.

rosvina-fireworks Firework scaring away evil spirits

My next collection is inspired by local gem materials such as Blue Amber found in Sumatra, Indonesia. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in my next blog post.

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